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JHU img cutout DIME client

Java Dime client for SDSS Image Cutout Service

DIME is the SOAP protocal for sending attachments (like MIME) with SOAP messages. The service provides a web method which returns a JPEG image as an attachemnt. THis could infact be any kind of file/Binary object.

Creating a java client

Using axis-1_1RC1 we created the set of client classes for using this service. This is very easy with axis you simply do
java org.apache.axis.wsdl.WSDL2Java
And you are done. (Okay you do need to have your class path set up properly to include the AXIS libs).

Utilising the code

Making use of this client is also very straight forward here is a complete java program which uses the service to get an image and save it to a desired file name. The basic code is shown below. Here is a full listing,

		ImgCutoutLocator loc = new ImgCutoutLocator();
		ImgCutoutSoap imgProvider = loc.getImgCutoutSoap();
		// not so nice but we must cast to a stub to get att the attachements
		Object[] obj =  ((org.apache.axis.client.Stub) imgProvider).getAttachments();
		// assuming one attachemnt only
		if(obj.length != 1 ) throw new Exception("Expected a single attachemnt but got "+obj.length);
		//Each Attachment is actually an AttachmentPart - we only have 1
		AttachmentPart p = (AttachmentPart) obj[0];
		// from the part we may get the dataHandler
		DataHandler dh = p.getActivationDataHandler();
		// this actually is backed by a  temp file
		String fname = dh.getName();


Here are some jars for download - you can get the code or just a jar to use. You will need a JRE/JDK installed probably 1.3 or higher. This has been run/developed with JDK1.4 on linux.
You will also need activation.jar and mail.jar (required for DIME) in your class path. You probably have these if you have J2EE installed otherwise they are below for download.
To just run it downaload imgclientincaxis.jar and type :
java -classpath imgclientincaxis.jar edu.jhu.pha.imgcutout.CutOutViewer
Then hit the get button.
Whats in the file download
jar with everything you need to execute imgclientincaxis.jar
jar with everything you need to execute (for mozilla)
just the client if you already have AXIS imgclient.jar
The sourse code and and build file and JBuilder project imgclientsrc.jar
Activation and mail required for DIME only activation.jar mail.jar
Note that to build with ant you will need to modify the build.xml to point to your ant lib and activation.jar.

William O'Mullane
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