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NVO Virtual Observatory Initiative

For details of the VO see the VO web-site.
Many services are described at


Mirage is a data analysis tool developed at Bell Labs by Tin Kam Ho.
A modified version of Mirage which reads VOTables is available here.

Download Manager and Fits Image module

The modules built in mirage are available seperately for download and integration in your application !
Download Manager talks to the registry, CONE and SIAP services (in java)
FITS image module renders images from FITS files (in Java)

Web Services

The initiative currently has a number of nascent protocols - here at JHU we have implemented some of the required services using C# .NET.
We also have many other web services.
A java client has been developed for the Cutout Service showing how easily a binary object may be passed using DIME.
Service Example Info URL
VO spectral service SDSS Filters Web Site
SDSS SQL job system top 10 galaxies Web Site
Searchable Registry(with STScI) Query page index page
Cone Search(EDR,DR1,DR2) Small Cone Form
SIAP like service but not returning VOTable(EDR,DR1,DR2) Small Cone Form
Simple Image Access Protocol Small Cone Form
Image Cutout - not SIAP Chart Java client
NED service Small cone Obj. Near Pos. Form
Cosmological distance calculator dL(z=0.5) in LCDM Form
Produce color coded density maps for query Seeing map Index page

There are also some libraries that are available for download.


Library Info URL
C# FITS Library A C#.NET port of Tom McGlynn's Java nom.tam.fits library

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