Sloan Digital Sky Survey
JHU CAS WebServices clients

Java Clients for the SDSS Catalog Web Services

The Cas Web Service allows access to the SDSS Catalog Archive Server (aka. SkyServer). Queries may be submited and results are available in a variety of formats i.e :

Creating a java client

Using axis-1_1RC1 we created the set of client classes for using this service. This is very easy with axis you simply do
java org.apache.axis.wsdl.WSDL2Java 
And you are done. (Okay you do need to have your class path set up properly to include the AXIS libs).
See also the ImgCutout page.


Here is a jar for download. You will need a JRE/JDK installed probably 1.3 or higher. This has been run/developed with JDK1.4 on linux.
You need to have AXIS installed also and in you CLASSPATH. To just run it download CasService.jar and put it in your CLASSPATH then type :
java edu.jhu.pha.FitsQuery myfits.fits "select top 100 ra,dec,u,g,r,i,z from GALAXY"
or to see immediate results on screen

java edu.jhu.pha.VOTQuery "select top 10 ra,dec,u,g,r,i,z from GALAXY"

Creating a Python client

THis client does not use a framework to create the SOAP requests and is more code than in Java.
cassoap is a very simple python program of two pages of code that makes a proper SOAP request to the GetStream() method of CasService. It uses a simple SAX parser to extract the returned columns and relays them to a file or stdout. If an error occurs the server throws a SOAP exception, which is caught by the client and written to the output file stream. Have a look at the code here or download it from here

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