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Resources for Development for SDSS@JHU

Here are a bunch of development related topics which must be dealt with or which are being dealt with.

Developers website

This site is in cvs under websites/develop - if you wish to edit it please check out you local copy to make changes. Do not change directly on server.
There is a shell.aspx in the top level which contains the top menu and footer calls. Just put your html in bettween the Header and footer.
If you want to add something to a menu is in SDSSHEader.aspx.

About the dev set up

SQL Server Tips

Resources for SQL Server developers

Here are some good sources of information and reference for SQL Server developers:

  1. The built-in documentation in SQL Server, Books Online (also available from TechNet site below)
  2. Microsoft TechNet
  3. MSDN (Microsoft Developers Network)
  4. Stack Overflow
  5. SQLskills
  6. The #sqlhelp hashtag in Twitter
  7. Books:

Creating a new database on one of our DB servers


This will happen if you use EM or Management Studio to create your DB, and having your database files on the C: drive will quickly fill up the OS volume which does not have much space usually, and make the server unusable.

Use the following SQL script instead (modify as needed for your database):

  (NAME = N'myDBname_Data', FILENAME = N'D:\sql_db\myDBname_Data.MDF' , SIZE = 2000, FILEGROWTH = 10%)
  LOG ON (NAME = N'myDBname_Log', FILENAME = N'D:\sql_db\myDBname_Log.LDF' , SIZE = 1000, FILEGROWTH = 10%) 
  COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS


Virtual Observatory

A Number of web servivces have been developed for the Virtual observatory and general use.


All code should go in CVS.

Using CVS

If cvs is not on your machine get it from
The best way to use CVS is using SSH for this you must set the CVS_RSH variable to the path of SSH on the machine. On PCs this might be called ssh2.exe, on UNIX it will be something like

setenv CVS_RSH /usr/local/bin/ssh

The other important variable to set is the CVSROOT on both unix and windows this should be of the form the case matters. So again on unix you might do this with

setenv CVSROOT

Now you are ready to roll.
Click here for more info on using CVS

C# studio projects

For C# at the moment we are checking in the entire project.
Click here for more info on MSDEV and CVS

Moving a project

If you move a project Dev Studio can no longer open it. However if you edit the soloution file and the project.webconfig files you can put the new path in and it works. Both files are text so you may edit with notepad.

Public Keys - log in without username

For windows see cvsrsh . On your machine do

on windows this may be ssh-keygen2

accept the defaults and dont set a passphrase.
now take the public key e.g. ~/.ssh/ (it tells you where it is) and append to .ssh/authorized_keys2 on the machine you want to log onto.
Thats it, you no longer need to enter your password.

Old .Net Course page click here

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